Recruitment marketing & advanced recruitment analytics for recruitment teams

Reach candidates where they spend time online.

Better Insights

Get usable, real-time insights into your recruitment efforts. Recroup provides you with the right data to analyze what’s working and fix what’s not.

More Applicants

See how all your efforts work together and invest in those that produce the best results. Leverage job ad tools to engage with the right candidates that are most likely to convert.


Greater Return

Recroup helps you understand which strategies perform best. Test, evaluate, optimize and repeat to meet your recruitment goals.

Introducing the Recroup platform

analytics + job advertising in one

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Learn where your best candidates come from
Track your career page performance and uncover candidate insights to better understand why and how candidates are engaging with your job postings.

Improve application drop off rates
Most career pages have an applicant drop off rate around 90%. Better insights allow you to identify and fix where candidates drop off.

Get usable, real-time insights
Analytics is more than just data. It’s the right data. It’s usable data. Recroup helps you turn candidate insights into real gains.

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Engage relevant candidates
Custom audiences from your career page are a powerful way for you to reach candidates after they’ve visited your career page. Reach candidates who’ve already shown an interest and re-engage them.

Easily manage and publish compelling job ads
Take the guesswork out of retargeting. Recroup helps you work smarter by launching cross platform campaigns in just minutes.

Track, measure, & optimize your recruitment efforts


Intuitive reporting

Easily build intuitive reports that pull together all your data and share with your team.


Recommendation engine

Recroup’s recommendation engine provides you helpful suggestions on which improvements to make.


Funnel report

Most career pages will convert 10% of candidates who visit. Easily identify where and why candidates are dropping off.

Creative support

Our ad retargeting campaigns come with full creative support if the juices just aren’t flowing.

Ease of use

Simplicity is at the core of Recroup. We obsess over the details so you don’t have to.


Cross Channel

Extend your reach and launch ad campaigns on the web & social platforms in a single step.

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